LARGE SIZE for 35-50 sheets of 20lb paper (30 SPINES ONLY)


  • 30 Binding bars ONLY. For spines that incude covers, please see our other listings
  • Easy to bind, with just a stapler!
  • Innovative design that is easy to use and you’ll never lose a page!
  • Elegant look for both corporate and elementary uses
  • Design your own personal covers, or pick one of our sets
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Newly Patented Premium SlideBinder tm Binder Bars. Staple, slide, and never lose a page!

These are Slidebinder binder BARS ONLY. For clips with covers please see our other Amazon listings. SlideBinder “The smart choice for all your important documents!”__ The newly patented SlideBinder is a major improvement upon binder clips of the past. Instead of relying just on side pressure to hold pages in place, only SlideBinder has these patented inside tracks to engage staples and keep reports securely fixed in place. Just print, staple and slide, and you’ll never lose a page! __SlideBinder works with any stapler and 8.5″ x 11” front and back covers to create an easily customizable, attractively bound piece with a look that is suitable for both demanding corporate use and simple school reports___THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES 30pcs of LARGE BINDING SPINES ONLY. SEE OTHER LISTINGS FOR SPINES WITH COVERS.