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When first impressions count, don’t settle for an ugly generic cover, use SlideBinder™ the Premium binding bar solution.

New Patent

Our new patented SlideBinder is the only one specifically designed with internal tracks that engage with staples to keep pages securely in place..

Just staple and slide

and you’ll have an attractively bound piece that can never loose a page.

No expensive equipment to buy.

If you’ve been Comb Binding or Coil binding, or Velo Binding you can use your existing cover sets and bind reports in a fraction of the time.

There’s no holes to punch, no waiting for a machine to warm up, and no expensive equipment to buy.

Easy to customize

You can use any combination of clear or solid front and back covers, or print your own covers, for easy customization.

SlideBInder(TM) Another professional binding product brought to you by
ThermoBind, Inc.

SlideBinder™ –“The smart choice for important documents!”

SlideBinder™ comes in 3 convenient sizes to hold anything from a few pages to up to 100 sheets of 20lb paper.

Suggested capacities:

SMALL –  Front and back 80lb card stock covers plus 1 to 12 sheets of 20lb paper.

MEDIUM- Front and back 80lb card stock covers plus 10 to 35 sheets of 20lb paper.

LARGE- Front and back 80lb card stock covers plus 25 to 60 sheets of 20lb paper.